About Us

Welcome to our realm of creativity, passion, feminine power, and literary exploration.

We are Gail and Carla, sisters by blood and partners in the world of independent publishing. As women in business, we embrace and celebrate the strength, resilience, and creativity that comes with our feminine energy. Melding our individual skills—Gail’s design flair and Carla’s analytical mind—we have formed a publishing powerhouse that brings forth the beauty of books.

Explore Our Collection

Dive into our diverse range of literary creations, from low to medium-content masterpieces and insightful non-fiction works to enchanting children’s books. To shop and explore all our books, follow this link.  Whether you’re seeking inspiration, education, or a captivating book to grace your shelf, we have something uniquely special waiting just for you.

Our Mission

Our mission goes beyond the conventional. We aim to curate products infused with creativity, aesthetics, and purpose. In our vision, books are multifaceted gems—they inspire, captivate the senses, facilitate function, and provide untold joy.

Our Journey

Our entrepreneurial saga began with Amazon products, but the allure of the written word soon beckoned us. While low to medium-content books are our speciality, our literary passion doesn’t stop there. We’ve penned several non-fiction masterpieces under various pen names, allowing us the freedom to explore diverse genres and voices.

Business, like life, is about adaptation and growth. Our individual endeavours in the business world taught us invaluable lessons, and combining our strengths seemed like the natural next step. While many caution against mixing family with business, we are living proof that with mutual respect, understanding, and a shared vision, it can be a beautiful synergy.

Our Values

  • Creativity: Our books are a canvas of imagination and passion, reflecting the uniqueness we bring to the literary world.
  • Adaptability: We believe in moving with the times, ensuring our creations are both relevant and timeless.
  • Authenticity: We take pride in our genuine approach to publishing. While we might use pen names to explore different genres, our commitment to honesty, transparency, and genuine storytelling remains steadfast.
  • Evolving Learning: We recognize that the world of publishing, much like any industry, is one of constant learning. We’re dedicated to our personal and professional growth, always seeking knowledge and staying curious.
  • Partnership & Female Empowerment: More than business partners, we’re champions of each other’s dreams. Our story is a tapestry of sisterhood, mutual support, and the resounding strength of women supporting women.

Join us in our journey as we continue to explore, create, and inspire with every page we publish. We are more than just a publishing house; we are a story, an experience, and a testament to the power of dreams. For those eager to be part of this literary adventure, peruse our collection and find the perfect companion for your own journey.